Enchanted Christmas

On Christmas time one of my fav things to do is strolling around Ibiza capturing with my camera those little details that fill the city of magic. Tables that invite you to sit and share drinks and confidences with friends, mugs to enjoy a hot chocolate with your family, decorations designed to shock, details full of elegance …Today we invite you to enjoy a very charming Christmas.

Rustic chic. I must confess that I love rustic chic homes, so I quickly felt in love with this blue wooden table, from Natura Ibiza (featured image), decorated with candles and tea sets.

From the heart. Mix white and silver for an elegant and chic Christmas decoration. In Sexy Sexy Woman Ibiza they feel real passion for the hearts, filling every corner of the store. Love is in the air.

Christmas Crown. If you are doing some shopping at MOKKA Trendy Ibiza, be sure to have a look at the beautiful Xmas Crown in the ceiling. Shocking.

Mannequin-tree. This Xmas tree that become a mannequin is so cool! Big applause for Queens of Joy for this creative decoration.

Warm atmosphere. Dinner service sets and mugs  seen at Hipermenaje. If you are a Xmas fan, you need one (or lots of them!).  Nordic inspiration, warm colors and charming little details.

Happy Xmas! We love these welcome message written in this old wood pieces. Seen at Octopus Shop Ibiza.

Market. A must visit during this days, the Ibiza Xmas market, located in s’Alamera, city center.

by Judit Carcasona