Gourmet Ibiza.

Beer, liquor, chips, salt, nuts … the Ibiza food products are the new taste sensation. All the gourmets are loving them! Today Ibiza Trendy features the new foodie phenomenon, introducing the most popular productos from the island.  Bon apetite!

Sal de Ibiza. Probably the most fashionable brand and the most popular. You’ll find these prodcuts in most restaurants, bars and shops on the island as well as in many gourmet shops throughout Europe. The packaging is absolutely cool. more info here. 

Exquisite. The new delicatessen brand by Frutos Secos Ibiza. They have various products -liquor, chocolate, flour-made with a typical product from the island: the carob. More info here. 

Beer. Isleña has become famous for the beautiful designs of its bottles, while Payesa Ibiza is the latest new sensation. Cheers!

Wines. Can Maymó, Can Rich, Ibizkús and Sa Cova are some of the leading wine brands from Ibiza. The wine industry has growth in recent years and has attracted much attention in countries such us Germany, Holland and even Japan!

Wine exhibitor at gourmet shop Sal de Ibiza-The Store. Located on the road from Ibiza to Santa Eulalia, here you will find the main food products from Ibiza. More info here. 

by Judit Carcasona