Mexico lindo

Virgensita no me lleves (Virgensita do not take me away) is pure Mexican spirit. The beautiful collection of bracelets and bookmarks designed by Rebecca Beltrán, from Ibiza, transport us into a colorful world that smells like chile and tastes like tequila with salt and lemon. Turquoise blue Caribbean waters, red  spices and the emerald green […]

A pirate legend

The legend of the Irish sailor James Carson, also known as Platadepalo,  inspires the whole collection of jewelery and accessories of the brand that bears his name. Bracelets, necklaces and rings clear ethnic-inspired, made with quality materials, such silver and leather, but also with great presence of skulls, stones, resin, bone, glass … The collection is unisex –Platadepalo bracelets have different sizes- and you will fall into the temptation after discovering this ttreasures that seem taken from a chestpirate. In Ibiza you can find a small selection of […]