Windows to dream

We were captivated by its magic, for its originality or by the way that one image captures the essence of Christmas. Today, in Ibiza Trendy, we show the shop windows that have inspired us most during these busy days strolling around Ibiza. Freedom. White doves released from their cages fly free at Histeric Ibiza window, […]

Christmas Gift Guide: eco girls

Nature lovers, eco fighters, socially conscious. With no additives. So are the eco girls. Today or ‘Christmas Gift Gide’ comes green: lamps loaded with sunlight, fair trade cushions, hand-carved wooden boxes, recycled plastic bullets and even a romantic escape to a farmhouse where you will be allowed to work in the garden and feed the […]

The enchanted shop: La Marimorena

Coming into  La Marimorena is like entering into a tale, inhabited by fairies, deers and enchanted woods, a place where at any time you can feel like Little Red Riding Hood or Alice in Wonderland. This small shop next to Vara de Rey opened its doors about three years ago. We fell in love with […]