Photo Exhibition: the hippies of Punta Arabí

Would you like to discover how was the hippies lifestyle in Ibiza during the 70s and the 80s? Then you cannot miss the exhibition of Catalan photographer Josep Soler at Sala d’Exposicions de Santa Eulalia des Riu. The exhibition, held in collaboration with the Punta Arabi Hippy Market, shows iconic images of the island during […]

The most iconic love photos

Today we feature some of the most iconic images of lovers throughout recent history. From the “Bed Peace” by Jonh Lennon and Yoko Onno to Woodstock. We simply love this picture (featured image) that went around the world and became the cover of the album from the Festival. Happy Valentines Day! Jonh Lennon and Yoko […]

The bikini that made history

Ibiza, summer 1953. A beautiful French woman walks along the beach dressed in an really unusual outfit at Spain, then under Franc0’s dictature: a two pieces swimsuit. Her friend, the photographer Oriol Maspons immortalized the girl in an image for the History: the first bikini photographed in Spain. Today, Ibiza Trendy interviewes an artist that […]