Flower Child

Today we are back featuring a new hippie-inspired summer look from Aurobelle Ibiza, one of our favorite brands. I amb wearing a hand-embroidered cotton dress, Roman sandals and a colorful leather handbag. It’s simple and comfy, just a perfect look for a Flower Child at summer days in Ibiza. The dress-tunic is great, it has side pockets […]

The White Ibiza dress

Ibiza, 1971.The island had become a hippy paradise, where young people used to wear clothing inspired by the white color so typical of the churches and farm houses of the region. Cotton, sheer dresses, laces, the Croche … fashion was become simple, comfy and authentic. That’s how the Adlib fashion was born, inspired by the latin expression ‘ad libitum’, whose […]

Inside Ibiza Trendy’s closet

Hello Spring! The island is waking up after a long winter. The days are warmer and longer and we are feeling good vibes for the upcoming summer.  Ibiza Trendy’s closet is also ready for the new times and the new amazing collections. Today I am wearing one of my fav dresses: Gispy by Merhaba Ibiza, […]