Young Designers Contest

Agroturismo Sa Talaia (Sant Antoni) will host tomorrow at 8.30 pm the Young Designers Contest. The winner will represent the Islands in national competition. The Minister of Industry, Vicente Roig, stressed that the fact that this event coincides with the Adlib Fashion Show-held on Thursday, will help to increase the visibility of our the young designers. […]

Adlib 2013: Isabel Castellar

The designer Isabel Castellar was born in Ibiza but her parents are from Andalusia, so she is a mix of cultures and influences. The fashion was always part of her life since childhood. “I always remember the dining room filled with bags of clothes … my mother always devoted to making sweaters, dresses and all […]

Adlib 2013 designer: Beatrice San Francisco

Designs inspired by nature that will make you feel the the soul of bohemian Ibiza, the island of freedom. So are the Beatrice San Francisco designs, wich have become very international.  Born in Germany, Beatrice’s life has always been dedicated to fashion. Her grandmather was also a fashion designer, and taught her knitting. As a […]