Make up workouts for beginners

Wanna learn how to make up yourself? Wana discover the latest techniques and the easier way to get the better of you? Today we want to introduce the make up workouts organised by The Beauty Room, our favourite beauty salon in Ibiza. Here you can participate in private or group courses. Best of all: you will know how to be prettier in an express time: “In our courses we teach how to make up in the shortest time possible. If we have the products and abilities, daytime should’t take more than ten minutes.” says, Susana Sanchez, store manager at The Beauty Room.

The Beauty Room is located at Bartomeu Vicent Ramón (parallel street to Vara de Rey).

The courses are free, you only have to purchase your favourite makeup products. More info here:

We asked Susan to give us some advice. “Personally, I think we should not be obsessed with what’s hot and what’s not. Not everything suits us well and adapts to our look. We have know the structure of the oval of our face and adapt the makeup. Many of our clients tell us that the do not have time to make up, or simply they do not feel natural”, she explains.

Maquillaje para profesionales

This season, The Beauty Room is also offering specialized courses for people who want to work professionally to the world of makeup.

UMA – The Beauty Room

C/ Bartomeu Vicent Ramón, 27

07800 Ibiza