Nativo Ibiza: Connecting with Nature

The new Nativo Ibiza hotel was born as a dream come true of recovering the origins of Ibiza, the Mediterranean simplicity and the natural principles of the island’s hospitality under the “Barefoot Luxury” concept. Located in the quiet residential area of Siesta with the sea views and 99 rooms full of light designed under the wabi-sabi philosophy, where beauty resides in the everyday, imperfection and authenticity. Simple and natural interior spaces blend in with a wild and bohemian environment.

Its colorful spaces have been created with the intention of inviting the guest to enjoy a conscious tourism that defends the care of the environment and the respect for the island. Natural materials have been used, mainly wood, and the spaces have been designed taking advantage of the abundant natural light of the island.

Well-being is part of Nativo‘s essential offerings, true luxury is nourishing body and mind, a healing journey inside oneself, through your connection with the environment. The concept of connecting with the earth, walking barefoot and feeling nature is rooted in this philosophy.