Express looks: glow in 20 minuts

Are you in a hurry and having a bad day hair? Attending to a party and your face is ?Do not stress, we have a solution for you: Express looks express in Fanny & Co, a hair and beauty saloon specializing in events.

We talked to Sandra, owner, who explained us how does it work: “When the client is in a hurry we work with dry hair, fixing it. You will get a cool look, nobody will know that it only took you about 20 minutes, but it won’t last 24 hours”, she says.

Complete look: hair and make up.

Nice and shinny curly long hair.

Get this look in only 20 minutes.

Fanny & Co specializes in looks for events. It doesn’t mind if your are a bridal or just need something quick for a great night out, here you can get a personalized look. “When you are planning an event, we prepare it from four points of wiew: the image you want to give, the context, your own personality and the clothes your are wearing.  Mixing all this we can create lots of different looks”, says Sandra.

Fanny&Co personalized looks for every woman. Only need to decide what to wear and where to go. We do you hair and make up! More info:

by Judit Carcasona