Cremology revolution comes to Ibiza

A beauty cream made just for your skin? Yes, today this is possible. Personalized beauty treatments are no longer science fiction thanks to Cremology revolution. Ibiza Trendy invites you to discover the treatments of the future by the hand of beauty and wellness center Mandala Ibiza. Find here the exclusive beauty creams are becoming a must have  in Ibiza.

Oscar Cano, owner at Mandala Ibiza, explains us that the first step is to diagnose skin using a digital device that measures the levels of sensitivity, wrinkles, pores, oil, moisture and stains. Once the test is done, Cremology facilitates a combination of active ingredients to treat different skin problems. “We often use creams with ingredients that do not need, or may even be contraindicated for our skin”, says Oscar, who reveals that Cremology treatments are being the most demanded by their clients.

Digital device for the skin. Photo:

Cremology components are not secret.They are widely used in active dermocosmetics: Vitamin C, collagen, retinol, caviar … The really revolutionary  in this treatment is that creates a beauty cream made for each person, choosing from more than 50,000 possible combinations .


Top price: The diagnosis + treatment pack costs only 40.95 euros in Mandala Ibiza. What you waiting for?


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by Judit Carcasona and Julia Fioravanti