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Want to change your look but do not dare? Would you like to wear a fringe? Wondering what hairstyle is for you? Today we are talking about face reading analysis, a technique that allows to study the features of any face to discover the best look for each one. Sandra Tur, owner at Fanny & Co, hairdresser and beauty saloon, explains us how does it work: “Face analysis helps us to know the person, look at the features, see what he/she likes about his/her face and what he/she doesn’t like. This technique allows a 100% customized service. After the analysis, we can move on to perform technical and work on the hair and makeup for an event. We believe that we have to respond to the desire or need of every woman.”

We asked Sandra to make two face celebrities analysis. In the main picture you can see Beyonce face analysis (left and right sides). “The right side is longer and upward-pointing mouths,.Looking at the left side we see a diamond shape with eyes and mouth slanted outward”.  Below, we discuss some looks:

“A fringe focus the attention on the eyes and also helps to camouflage some asymmetries on the forehead. If we leave her hair down and parted is a quite neutral look than lengthen the face. ”

Katie Holmes is another celebrity who has been the subject of our analysis and this are the results:

The diagnosis of our expert: “We can see that the left side is rectangular with very sharp angle in the jaw. The right side is just the opposite, lengthen the face, but temple is more marked than the jaw.  Moreover it should be noted that the brow and lip extending upwardly right while on the left are flatter “.

Katie Holmes Looks:

“The bob hairstyle focuses on the the eyes and  refine the jaw because it is hidden by the hair. She also shows the neck, witch always gives a touch of freshness. If we leave her hair down and parted we got a neutral image. If we add some waves we got a mix: face lengthened as the cheekbones and temples are hidden between the hair and by waves look aside and shared importance between the face and hair “.



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byJudit Carcasona