Tye-dye hair

They are here and came to stay. And we love them…we are talking about tye-dye hightlights, the new hot trend in Ibiza this summer.  They are daring, different, fun, colorful … Do you dare? Baransu Peluqueros assure us that they will be the must wear of the season.

The balayange effect was a must last summer…everybody was wearing this hairstyle in Ibiza. “Balayage creates the most natural looking results because the colorist paints on the highlights, and can scatter them throughout your hair in a more truly sunkissed and haphazard pattern”, says Rachel Barba, stylist at Baransu Peluqueros.

Spanish model Arianne Artiles loves balayage hightligts.

Actress Ana de Armas glows io.

But now it has given a new twist: the new tye-dye hair. The technique is similar to balayange but adding a vibrant color palette to create amazing effects on hair:

And there are for more adventurous spirits, with colors like purple, blue or green, with strong finishes; and there for daring spirits, but not both, with pink or blue tones that fade more with smoother transitions. Alexa Chung, Avril Lavigne, Kate Bosworth, Christina Aguilera and Heidi Klum are celebrities who have been seduced by this style.

It girl Alexa Chung in blue tye-dye hair.

La actriz Kate Bosworth decolora su rubia melena en azul turquesa.

Raquel explains how it works: “They seem eyeshadows, right, because it works like make up, but for your hair. Hair color is applied with natural powder with hair condicitoner, witch leave the hair softer. It can be removed by washing the hair and do not need prior discoloration. We make the first application in our saloon but then we show you the technique to do it at home. The effect is simply perfect “.

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