Beauty essentials by Ibiza Trendy

Today we are posting about special beauty treatments. Do you wanna discover or best kept beauty secrets? Then keep reading and discover our faves.

For my hair, I like the Trendy Hair products, specially the Keratin mask. It makes my hair feel glossy, flowy and with more hydration. For a final touch I use Marrakesh Oil, ideal to prevent frizz.

Belleza cabello Ibiza Trendy

For my body care, I love all the products by Campos de Ibiza, especially the Almond Blossom line. It has an incredible aroma that will send you back to your childhood! You can purchase them online here.  And now one of our best kept secrets. In summertime I can not live without my Polysanes oil. I use it as a moisturizer for the body (you can find it in pharmacies). Your tanned legs will shine! It is more complicated to use in winter, the cold weather solidifies the oil and you have to put the bottle in hot water to return to be liquid .

Productos belleza campos de Ibiza

For the face, in Winter I always use Acglicolic cream from Sedesma, it works very well preventing and treating pimples and pores on the skin. IMPORTANT: you can only use it in Wintertime and at night. During the day you have to use sunscreen 50 because it is a very powerful cream. Sold at chemistries.

Aglicolic sesderma


by Judit Carcasona