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Hélène Busuttil is born for fashion and design. During her long career she has worked for TV presenters, styling celebrities for L’Oreal and as film costume designer. After nearly two decades in the world of advertising and fashion, Hélène left her native France to settle in Ibiza. Her new venture is HELIBAZAR Life Store, the place you will love to be this summer.

Helène Busuttil, new trendsetter in Ibiza.

Hèlene, tell us us about your beginnings in the world of fashion. Well, my first job was as a clerk in a store at the age of 16. After that I studied Interior Design at the University of Genoble and then I spent two years in England. At least my father told me, “Well, now find a job a make your life.” I went to Paris to look for work and I got an opportunity as TV producer assistant. Finally ended up being responsible for the costumes of various TV hosts. This was my first job as a stylist. Later came the stylism for a video clip … and well, so it began.

What have been your top moments while working in the advertising business? I worked in advertising for about 17 years. For six year I was as costume designer and stylist for L’Oreal. I spent a lot of time traveling around the world, visiting places like Miami, Los Angeles, South Africa, Argentina … This job also allowed me to meet interesting people, including some celebrities such as Penelope Cruz , Sophie Marceau or Andy McDowell. It was an amazing opportunity to be with L’Oreal.

You also worked as costume designer for a film. What can you tell us about this experience? Yes, I was the costume designer for Ma Rock, a film by the Moroccan director Laïla Marrakchi. It was a very intense work for 5 months, a great experience. And the movie was a hit in Morocco!

Ma Rock was a blockbuster in Morocco.

Hèlene was the stylist at Ma Rock.

Who has been the most interesting character you worked with? I do not enjoy working with models, I prefer real people. One of my favorites is Andy McDowell, despite being a star is so natural and simple. A very cute girl. I also enjoyed working with Leticia Casta. It’s amazing, she used to arrive at the studio at 6 am without a drop of makeup and was gorgeous.And very nice girtl!

What inspired you to open now a concept store in Ibiza? All the experiences I had, my travels, the interesting people I’ve met … all inspired me in opening a store. I like people and I think HELIBAZAR is a concept aimed at people of all ages. HELIBAZAR is the result of 20 years working wearing people. To me, it is the opportunity to mix things I like: fashion, decor, art, photography.

How do you see the island style? I have been coming to ibiza for many years and I feel a particular atmosphere here that I love. Even though the island has changed, the soul of Ibiza is still alive.

Helène’s Ibiza

A beach: I love ses Salines, sa Trinxa.
A restaurant: La Bodega, next to the walls, in the all town.
A sunset in: Sunset Ashram, Cala Comte
Shopping in: Las Dalias, some vintage shops in Ibiza … and soon in HELIBAZAR!
A drink at: Sunset Ashram. I really love this place.


See below some stuff selected by Helène for HELIBAZAR: 

Avenida de Sant Agustí . Cala de Bou 73-75. Sant Josep. Opening soon.
Facebook/ Helibazar Ibiza


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