Fantasy world

Ice Castles that melt in your glass, a cactus light that works with solar energy, clouds that rain salt and pepper, small robots that jump and dance, wordless books that will help each child to create his own story … When you come into Octopus Shop you feel in a fantasy world, where imagination has no limits.

This new decor store in Santa Eularia, where you can buy gifts and items for the home, surprised us by the originality and charm of every small treasure you can find everywhere. “I choose everything that is pretty and useful,” explains Magali Vignier, owner at Octopus Shop. Here you will find Lexon radios made of silicone-award winning-design, beautiful paper lanterns, colorful planters, candleholders, funny metal boxes, natural candles by Ambiances des Alpes, jewelry, Presso coffe machines, ethnic cushions, gadgets, magnets and a lot of cool stuff.

All the shop forniture was handmade by Alexis Ferdinand, owner.

Funny boxes for biscutis, sugar, coffe…lot of colors and shapes to choose.

Here also will find a selection of toys, books, backpacks and children’s clothing that little ones will love. Do not hesitate to take them to the store. Children play in their own space …. and even paint on a wall!

We love: Octopus eco-frienly products, such as sunlamps and Armenia paper to purify the air, and also fair trade  household items by Nkuku.

Sun lamps that look a cactus, eco-friendy product in Octopus Shop.

por Julia Fioravanti y Judit Carcasona