Ibiza trends: Spring 2014

Hello Friday! Another sunny weekend is coming and Spring is  just around the corner. So it is time to feature the hot trends that we will see on the island  this new season: pastel and metallic colors, tribal accessories,  lace dresses and a some rock & roll. Are you ready?


The pastel tones-pink, blue, green, are the colors of the spring. Our fav one: aqua green. Inspired by the waters that surround the island, we love to see this color in accessories, such as these bags by World Family Ibiza. Love them!

World Family Ibiza handbags, from their online store here.

Far West

Karl Lagerfeld went to Dallas to introduce a real American style collection for Chanel…and we felt in love! USA stars, native inspiration and fringes for the new cowgirls.

Boots inspired by natives, from our online store, here. USA tees, from Mon Amour Ibiza, here. 

Rock & chic

Rock’n’roll meets luxury: sequins, Swarovski crystals, strass..Be sure to mix black with gold or silver. An feel like a rock star!

Tank top in silver and ‘The police’ strass tee, from Sexy Sexy Woman Ibiza, here. 


Honestly, I would never have believed that wearing a tracksuit could be cool … but times have changed and now the sporty chic style is fashionable. Not olny in the gym! Do nots miss U Shine Collection by Sexy Woman Sexy Ibiza.

Hoodie jumper from Sexy Sexy Woman Ibiza, here. 


Shine  like a star. This spring the metallic fabrics are a must wear: jackets, pants, tops … Gold and silver are still players this season, but for the most daring will love jeans in metallic colors. We do!

We love those metallic jeans combined with a fringed jacket, all from MOKKA Ibiza Trendy, here. 


The delicate white lace dresses inspired by Adlib fashion will be a must have this season. Mix them with a casual jacket and…ready to hit the streetstyle.

Charo Ruiz dress, from Ad Libitum Ibiza, here. Photo: madamederosa.com.


The fashion industry loves the new ethnic style, inspired by the tribes from Asia and Africa.  Kilim boots, tribal necklaces, belly dance belt from Afghanistan, African tribal prints….a trip around the world.

Booties from MOKKA, here. Tribal belt from our online store, here. 

by Judit Carcasona