Sport chic

Sport chic style is the hottest trend right now thanks to Olympic Games. Never before in a sporting event fashion design had been so popular: the Italian national team dressed in Armani, United Kingdom by Stella McCartney, USA by Ralph Lauren and Spain… well, this is a long story. Spanish Olympic Team clothes, made in Russia, are not the coolest one you can see right now in London. To be honest, they are…simply vulgar.
But sporty style can also be cool. Do you want to get a chic sport look? Today we give you some directions: jumpsuits by California Christiania Republic (featured image) -you can find them in Queens of Joy, new trendy store in Santa Eulària, Fluorine sportshoes, jodpur pants, oversize tops, skulls.

Jumpsuit by California Christiana Republic, Queens of Joy.

Sportshoes in fluorine yellow, Histeric Shoes.

Oversize top, Histeric Ibiza.

Sport men pants in grey, Histeric Ibiza.

Sport pants, Oui C Moi.

Skull print in the back pocket.

Jodpur pants in green.

by Judit Carcasona