Save your animal

Lamberto Petri is a fashion designer with high social conscience.  We had the pleasure to meet him at PArt Gallery, in Ibiza, were he is showing and selling his unisex capsule collection “Save Your Animal”. The project “The Fifth Day”, a collaboration with photographer Salvatore Arnone and La Maison du Couturier, collects images of beautiful animals that are risking extinction right now because of our (human) behavior.  A part of the profit of the sales of this collection will be for a company that take care of the animal in danger.

“When you pick up a t-shirt or a dress you also decide to save an animal. I wanted to put together the social meaning and the fashion”, says Petri, who is showing his creations for first time on the island. “Usually the fashion world don’t care about the social.  Now everybody can be a fashion designer: just put a star on a jumper and becomes a designer. Many times there are no meaning behind the fashion. But I do believe that fashion has to say something to the people”, he says.

The collection “Save your animal” is also available in Los Angeles, Paris, Saint-Tropez, Dubai, San Petersburg, Shangai and some cities in Italy.

Save your animal

Available at PArt Gallery

Ca Ne Negreta, 299. Santa Eulària Road.

Facebook/ P Art Ibiza.

por Judit Carcasona y Julia Fioravanti