Ad Libitum sales

Willing to have in your closet a trendy unique piece of Ad Lib fashion made in Ibiza? Then this is your time: Ad Libitum Ibiza, the  most authentic shop of Ad Lib fashion on the White Island, is on sales. During this month you can purchase the beautiful designs by Charo Ruiz-the most international designer – with discounts of up to 30 percent. We already made our wishlist!:

Lace tunic by Charo Ruiz, 20% off.

White kaftan from Ad Libitum Ibiza, 20% off.

Isabel Preysler’s black skirt by Charo Ruiz is a must have, 20% off.

Girl vest by Antic Batik, 30% off.

Ad Libitum Ibiza

Calle Bisbe Cardona, 10. Port of Ibiza.

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