Sales 2013: Our selection

Sales are here! Even after the liberalization of the sector a wide number of Ibiza stores started to make discount one week ago, today is the day: find discounts up to 50% in all shops on the island. Make your last winter purchases and get ready for the colder months of the year on the island. Ibiza trendy has been investigating some of the coolest Ibiza stores, choosing the best deals for you. Enjoy our selection!

Studded leather jacket. Before: 379 euros. Now: 189,5 euros.  50% off. Histeric Ibiza.

Grey cardigan with strass skull on the back. Before: 39 euros. Now: 19,50. 50% off. Histeric Ibiza.

Jeans SOS. Before: 179 euros. Now: 89,50 euros. 50% off. Histeric Ibiza.

Yerse sweater in blue. Before: 71,90 euros. Now: 57,50 euros. 20% off. T&C

Warm wool sweater,  Yerse. Before: 133,50 euros. Now. 106 euros. 20% off.. T&C

Knitted sweater in red. Before: 67,50. Now: 54 euros.20% off. T&C.

Knitted sweater for woman in blue and white. Before: 219 euros. Now: 153,30.  30% off. Replay.

Aged blue jean shirt. Before: 99 euros. Now: 69,30 euros. 30% off. Replay.

Strech jeans. Before: 169 euros. Now: 118,30. 30% off. Replay.

Green jumpsuit. Before: 85 euros. Now: 42,50 euros. Octopus Shop. Santa Eulària.

Poncho for the little ones. Unique Size from 3 to 8 years old. Before: 67 euros. Now: 34 euros. Octopus Shop. Santa Eulària.

Gipsy skirt, its flowing look gives an ethereal touch. Emerald green will be the color of 2013. Before: 169 euros. Now: 84 euros. 50% off. Only available at Reina&Roses on-line store.

Short tunic in black. Before: 199. Now: 139. 30% off. Reina&Roses, webshop.


Histeric Ibiza

Vara de Rey 26. Ibiza.

Bartomeu Vicent Ramon 17, Ibiza.

Facebook / Histeric Ibiza

T&C Ibiza

Calle Abad i Lasierra. Ibiza. facebook/T & C

Octopus shop
Calle Sant Llorenç. Santa Eulària des Riu. facebook/ Octopus Shop Ibiza


Shop on-line at


Bartolomeu Ramón y Tur, 5. Ibiza.

by Julia Fioravanti and Judit Carcasona