Young talent Raven

We interviewed young designer from Ibiza Raven Carbajo, who jumped into fashion world five years ago. With his famous brand of T-shirts for men and women, Ravens View, his popularity has been quickly increasing. He sells his designs all arround Spain and abroad and has dressed celebs as Maria León, winning for Best Actress Goya  by “The voice asleep.” Clearly, this young entrepreneur will have a succeful career. Nobody can’t stop him!


When did you create Ravens View?

Ravens View exists in my head since 2005 or so, but it was not until the summer of 2007 when it brings to light a small collection of shirts for men.

We know that your mother is a famous designer form Ibiza, Elisa F.. Did you follow in his footsteps when choosing your career?

The truth is that that even I expected it!.  I moved to London to study and then to Barcelona to finish studying a small run of 3 years as artistic director. Until the end I got finished in fashion! I think the most surprised is my mother!

 What are your sources of inspiration when designing the drawings for your shirts?

All that is around me in my day to day; Ibiza, its cosmopolitan people strolling down the street, Ibiza night, a dream, an idea on a napkin …

Tell us about yourself and your hobbies.

Well, do not know what to say about me! …I would better talk about my hobbies that are not so many and it is easier to explain them!  I like to travel to countries and places where I’ve never been (as my job permits). I like playing sports, jogging, playing football, squash and discover new bands through the internet or escape to some island  well hidden.

They are so much competition in this scene, what makes you different from others?

Well I try to do what I like, maybe something that makes Ravens View different is that it is a domestic product. Everything is designed and produced between Ibiza and the Peninsula. We take care of  fabrics and use only high quality cotton. We do not produce T-shirts made in precarious conditions in countries where labor force is not the same as here.

Where do you produce and distribute your shirts?

Right now we produce everything in Ibiza and make the garment dyed in the Peninsula. View Ravens can be found all over Spain. We are selling in stores in Barcelona, ​​Sitges, Sabadell, Granollers, Lleida, Girona, Madrid, Zaragoza and Bilbao Leon. We also sell in Germany and Denmark.

You have your website, your online shop … do you plan to set up your own shop in Ibiza?

Maybe someday … but first let’s go step by step!.

Here we show you some designs of its new collection:

Prices  shirts range between 55 and 80 euros.

You can buy Ravens View collection at:

 Tienda EGB Ibiza

Trazos Ibiza

by Julia Fioravanti

Special thanks to Cedric Genet for Raven’s Carbajo photo and to Jose Castellar for Ravens View photos.