Pure rock’n’roll

Leather, studs, skulls, crosses, guitars … pure rock’n’roll spirit  at ibizafashion, a store located in the popular Calle d’Emmig in la Marina, one of the liveliest areas of the city during summer season. We love shirt designs by Jesus was a hippy, a brand with an underground Ibiza style: T-shirts with skulls, unique designs with provocative photos of tops like Kate Moss or Heidi Klum, fluorescent colors …

ibizafashion also sells the entire collection of belts and handbags by, Gianni Di, Ibiza designer. Leather handbags with a wide variety of colors and sizes.We fell in love with turquoise blue purse!

Here you can find designs by prestigious German brand Liebeskind, as they have the exclusive Ibiza.

They also feature a large display of necklaces XXL: feathers, wings, skulls, crosses … the perfect complement for a cool rocker look.

We spoke with Lina Roig, owner, who stresses the importance of taking the pulse of the street. “Here trends are born. Last year and we realized that the fluorine was beginning to hit hard. This summer you see it everywhere. During the other season, we also saw some long shirts did not have much output. We began to cut and sold them all”, she explains. Before we left, we asked Lina to predict next summer trend. She tells us but ask to not reveal it till august . You really mean THAT will be cool? Amazing! Will back with this story.

by Judit Carcasona