Emerald spring

Pantone 17-1641. Six digits for the color of 2013: Emerald green. The choice is not casual. In tough times, Pantone choose a tone that conveys hope and brings us closer to nature. With it, they want to bet on “growth, renewal and prosperity.”  Ibiza Trendy also loves emerald green, the color of the clear waters of s’Illot des Ranclí, Sa Penya balconies and fashion that brings us an air of spring (featured image).

Silk and sequins top. Mon Amour Ibiza. 30 euros.

Emerald green silk dress. Mon Amour Ibiza. 39 euros.

Shopping bag with studs. Gatzara Ibiza. 35 euros.

Top con detalle de antelina. Gatzara Ibiza. 15 euros.

Cuadro con fotografía de bosque. Almacenes Aragón. 20,80 euros.

Hanging lamp. Almacenes Aragón. 6,75 euros.

Green emerald necklace by Unopiuno. T&C. 16 euros.

Dressed in green with black polka dots. T&C.

Studded cardigan in emerald green. Oui C Moi. 20 euros.

Gold and emerald earrings by Natasha Collis, aprox. 1.500 euros.


Almacenes Aragón
Calle Aragón, 6. Ibiza. Facebook/ Almacenes Aragón Ibiza. 

Gatzara Ibiza

Calle Abad y La Sierra, 9-11. Calle Aragón 32. Calle Pedro de Portugal, 11.
Facebook/ Gatzara Ibiza.

Mon Amour Ibiza
Calle Vicente Cuervo, 6. Ibiza.

Calle Médico Antoni Serra, 1. Ibiza.
Calle del Progreso, 10. San Antonio.  Facebook/ Oui C Moi

T&C Ibiza
Calle Abad i Lasierra. Ibiza.  Facebook/T & C

Natasha Collis
Carrer de Misa, 5. Santa Miquel.

by Judit Carcasona