Adlib Fashion Show (part 2)

The second day of Fashion Adlib Fashion 2017 started featuring the luxury collection by jewelry designer Elisa Pomar. On the catwalk we saw a demonstration of strength of Ibiza fashion, with lots of ethnic inspiration, skirts and dresses with large openings and luxurious materials. Adlib is now only about white dresses, it was also an explosion of colors and a twist of wanderlust.

Designer Tony Bonet, who celebrates his 20 years in Adlib fashion, closed the parade featuring his new bridal collection: “Love Madness” (featured image).

Elisa Pomar. The jewelery designer remains faithful to her creations inspired by the traditions of Ibiza. This time she focused on the half moon ibicenca, combined with Maya Hansen corsets.

Vintage Ibiza. Feathers, lace, rhinestones, Guipur … dresses that make dreams true and very inspired by the animal world and the mixture of cultures.

Jannine Helbling. The silhouette as a protagonist. Delicate fabrics that draw the female body. Exquisite elegance for a women who want to feel like Goddesses.

Espardenyes Torres. The lifelong ibicenca espadrille has become the new fashion hit. Wedges, threads and fabric flowers update a design with decades of history.

Luisa Tur. A cool collection for brides who want to get married in Ibiza style, but without giving up originality.

Tanit Jeans. Perfect pieces for the wardrobe background, like this spectacular patchwork coat. The denim acquires a new dimension by the hand of Tanit Jeans.

Siempreprimavera. A walk through the garden of delights. Thus was the parade of this brand of headdresses and accessories of flowers. Pure hippy chic soul.

Beatrice San Francisco. The designer, who is a master the art of knitting, presented her most sophisticated collection. Rinhestones, golden nuances and mixtures of fabrics to enhance the natural beauty of women.

BSF Man. Comfortable and bohemian fashion also for him inspired by the nature of the island, the art and the music.

Piluca Bayarri. The designer gives a new twist to her famous see-through cottons, creating flattering designs with a gypsy soul.

Isabel Castelar. The creator showed on the catwalk a collection of romantic inspiration, which wants to capture the colors of the rainbow and fill the summer with nuances.

Ichiana Ibiza. In her debut in Adlib, the designer p aid homage to Goddess Tanit, with a collection inspired by different countries of the Mediterranean and North Africa.

Ivanna Mestres. Sophisticated and elegant designs to dress the night of magic.

Tony Bonet. The designer celebrated his 20 years in Adlib fashion with ‘Locura de Amor’, a collection with bohemian vibes and with the network fabric as a new trend. Adlib is invented again.


by Judit Carcasona

Photos: Ugo Camera.