For all ages

A family shopping evening? No Age is the place you need to go. In this elegant shop located in la Marina you will fin man, woman and children collections. Emma, the owner, explains that she decided to create this concept store in Ibiza after discovering that there were few places where to find fashion for people of all ages. The facility also is located in an old fisherman’s quarter of Ibiza tastefully restored: stone walls, wooden beamed ceilings and a beautiful chandelier lamp vintage type.

Today we will focus on to speak of his precious collection of children’s fashion, with brands like Paradis Blanc, Rose & Théo or Jecrismavie. Last one is designed by owner’s sister. Patterns of stars, squares gingham, polka dots, dresses for girl in boho chic style, shirts with funny drawings …  Prices range from 25 to 60 euros.

Shirt with stars print by Rose & Theo.

Girl outfit by Rose & Theo.

No Age Ibiza. Bisbe street Azara, 1. Ibiza.

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by Julia Fioravanti and Judit Carcasona