Mytenida: bohemian joy

Long legs, a big smile and the most amazing boho chic outfits that you will ever see on a fashion blog. We are talking about Maite Gálvez, better known as Mytenida, one of the Spanish bloggers of the moment. We are totally seduced by her style and the stunning accessories that we can see in her blog.  So when we had the chance to interview her during a holidays in Ibiza, we did not hesitate a moment. Are you wondering how is she in the real live?  As likable as you can imagine by reading her posts! Maite is from Andalusia, but currently living in Madrid with her husband and two kids. She works in a school teaching english and started blogging as a hobby. We are very proud to introduce Mytenida, the blogger that you will love if you like the boho chic style inspired by Ibiza.

Maite, on the right, during the interview at Sunset Ashram, in Cala Comte.

How did you start blogging? Well, I started surfing in the internet and following blogs. I found out that it was funnier than to read magazines. But my love for fashion comes from far. My grandmother had a sewing workshop in Morocco so I think that there started all. When I was I child I used to customize the school uniform.  People used to tell me: “You’re always dressing very well.” This encouraged me to start with the blog.

We can see great photos and nice locations in your blog. Who is behind the camera? Well the true is that they are self-portraits! I go everywhere with my tripod and shot my command. So I can manage it myself and need no help. Sometimes people is looking at me and they maybe find it a bit strange, but it works.

What are you fav fashion blogs? From Spain I like Madame de Rosa, The Petit Coat and Collage Vintage. I also like Sincerely Jules, They all hate us and Trendy Tales.

When did you realize that your blog was becoming very influential? It happened when the brands started to contact me for collaborations. And people also stopped me in the street. Sometimes it’s a little weird, the other day I was in the airport and two girls were talking about me. One of them said: “Look, if it is a very normal woman!”. I wonder what did they expect!

The fact of being a influential blogger in Spain changed your style? The truth is that I am rejecting collaborations with some brands because they are not my style. I never wear something I do not like. I have seen dramatic changes in some bloggers when they started to be populars due to the influence of the brands. I have a part-time job as a teacher. For me fashion is something I like, but do not want to be my way of life. I am also very happy in my school!

What do your students thing about having a teacher who is also a famous blogger? Do they ask you for advice? Not the kids, but they mothers. They come to see me and say  that love my look. I am thrilled.

What are your must have for this summer season?  I have my own style and I’m not following the trends. In fact, I have things that I bought in Ibiza 15 years ago and I’m still wearing them. I like clothes that are different and timeless. In summer I am wearing shorts all the time. This year I must confess that I bought a pair of uggly shoes. I bought them in a supermarket for only  6 euros and everyone asks me where I got them!

We know that you are in love with our island. What do you think about Ibiza fashion? I love the Ibiza boho style: pompoms, ethnic jackets, old silver necklaces, crochet…. I like to wear hippy clothes but with style. Also like the typical white Adlib dress.

A trendy advice for our readers? What is fashionable is not always good for your. You need to feel good in your clothes, not feel like if you were dressed up.

Mytenida’s Ibiza

A beach: Cala Saladeta.

A resturant: La Paloma and Es Torrent for rices.

Shopping at: Las Dalias hippy market.

A sunset from: San Antonio.

Going out: Km5. I was also in Lío and liked it.

Kaftan from Ibiza Trendy online store, here.

Studded leather shorts from H&M.

Skirt, Mango. Sandals, Isabel Marant. Necklaces, Belao.

Butterfly kaftan from Ibiza Trendy online store, here.

Camisa: Mango. Sandalias, Isabel Marant. Collares, Belao.