Fashion with traveler soul

Rule-breaker, free soul, revolutionary and creative. Last week we had the pleasure to interview Jamel Mesbahi few hours before he presented his new collection at Km 5. Jamel is a citizen of the world. He has lived in many countries, but he feels essentialy  Mediterranean. With Lebanese and Moroccan origins, Belgian-born and resident in Ibiza. In Belgium, the creator studied at one of the most prestigious tailoring school. He has lived in America, where he worked designing clothes in the most famous clubs. Now he is settling in Ibiza, where he works with his team. It’s a fashion genius, with seductive eyes, friendly and sincere. Trendy Ibiza interviews today Jamel Mesbahi.

How did you start in the fashion world? I am a tailor. I studied in Belgium for seven years at the School of Fashion and Tailoring, the oldest in Europe. It’s sad that the school does not exist anymore.

You started creating menswear, swimsuits specifically. When did you decide to design also clothes for women? Mainly for my friends. They always wondered why I did not design swimsuits for women. I could be a millionaire in America, but I do not like their lifestyle. I do like the clothes I love.

What inspires your collections? Life, movement, smells, colors… Every move gives me a line. Never drawing. I buy the fabric and then I can work with it. Each fabric, each material, is different. This is the secret of the design.

Your starting point was Belgium, what is what gave you the impetus to work in cities like New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and San Tropez? From Belgium I came to Ibiza and then began to prepare for a trip. I always went with my sewing machine. First Miami, then Caribbean … I never planed where I’m going next. If I do not travel I do not feel alive.

How would you define yourself? I’m a sort of gypsy traveler.

I hear you have installed permanently in Ibiza, why? My workplace is here. In the streets of Calle de la Virgen I have my little cave where I can create. That’s what I like.

Jamel has a studio in Calle de la Virgen, 13. Here he manufactures its collections, which are exported to different countries, but you can also buy them in Ibiza.

It is said that many famous designers wanted to work with you…Yes, very important worldwide known designers wanted me to work with them, but I will not give names because they are now friends.

Do you think the fashion withstand the crisis better than other sectors? I think creativity resists the crisis.  If you can create something that has a story behind, people will buy it.  I do everything with fabrics from Spain. It is the secret of the anti-crisis, buy local. The crisis has not touched me. Although I am not rich (he laughs).

Tell us, how are you surprising us tonight? It’s a show of love, hope … -he says laughing-. I want to show people who I am, who is Jamel. Street fashion that is worn during the day and night, dynamic people. Nothing extreme. Many fashion for men. And little girls. Ah! And my collection of sandals and t-shirts in which appears the name of my brand.

See below best images of Jamel’s fashion show at Km 5.


Jamel Mesbahi, Calle de la Virgen, 13, Ibiza.

by Julia Fioravanti