Adlib Fashion Show. Day 1

Today we feature the coolest looks seen at Adlib Fashion, Day 1. An impressive walkway outdoors decorated with a rain of white flowers was the scene where some of the most famous fashion brands from Ibiza presented their Spring/Summer 2019 collections. The event, organised by Consell de Eivissa, was attended by celebs such as Maggie Civantos, Olivia Molina, Carles Francino, Jota Abril, Fernando Andina, Carla Hidalgo, José Lamuño, Ruth Armas, Alejandra Onieva or Raquel Meroño, fashion journalists and bloggers. Actress Cayetana Guillén Cuervo hosted the show, dressed in a Linnea Ibiza outfit.

Please see below or selection of the best images taken on Day 1 at Pasarela Adlib. Long live to Ibiza fashion!

Actress Cayetana Guillén-Cuervo in Linnea Ibiza. Photo: Alberto Bernández.

World Family Ibiza

WFI opened the Adlib 2018 Fashion Show featuring an original performance followed by an explosion of color and joy. Mexican-inspired fashion, ruffles and their iconic ethnic handbags (featured image) where part of one of the most expected shows of the night.

Linnea Ibiza

Romantic boho designs that combine perfectly with accessories from Ahhnells by Sonia. Frill skirts, delicate lace and a black & white mix in a collection created to fall in love with.

Evita lo que puedas

Original jumpsuits and very versatile pieces. Pure glambeach style, perfect to be cool while having a drink at Ibiza beach clubs. A plus: clothes made of silk point, a material that prevents wrinkles while packaging the suitcase.

Ibiza Stones & Espardenyes Torres

This brand gives a new twist to their creations, with more feminine designs: tulle, transparencies and lingerie. Perfect to dress rock’n’roll princesses.

Ichiana Ibiza

Featuring a spectacular stage, the designer showed red carpet style dresses that left us breathless. Wonderful fabrics, impeccable patterns, precious jewels and stunning headdresses.

Marisa Cela

Gold, glitter and transparencies. That’s the style to wear to enjoy the glamorous Ibiza nights. Pure audacity in dresses and jumpsuits made only for daring women.

by Judit Carcasona and Julia Fioravanti