Madame de Rosa: hippy deluxe

With a sweet voice and a charming smile, Angela Rozas Sáez is the nurse that every patient would want. But she hasn’t become popular for her work in the Emergency Department of the Community of Madrid, but for her outfits. Angela is one of the the most popular fashion bloggers in Spain. Today Ibiza Trendy interviews Madame de Rosa, the Queen of hippie chic street style.

Ángela Rozas Sáez, during the interview with Ibiza Trendy.

The secret of her success.

Angela started publishing her looks on her  blog two years ago. Today, with more than 16,000 followers on facebook and another 13,000 on instagram, is one of the most popular Spanish bloggers. But… what is the secret of her success? “The truth is that it has been  a surprise for me also. When you open a blog are like a needle in a haystack … there are millions of blogs! I think that it works because I do not look at anyone in particular, I have my own style. I follow the trends, but I do it in my way. I think people are looking for something a little more special and find it in my blog. Perhaps it has been this, that I have a strong personality. “

An escape route

Angela had no previous experience in fashion. In fact, even since childhood she has always loved clothing, she opted for nursing. “As a child I liked drawing the human body and playing with dresses, but in the end I opted for the health sector. I work for he Emergency Department of the Community of Madrid, in Ambulances. As you can imagine, the blog has nothing to do with my work, which is hard and psychologically affects me. The blog is like my escape, a way to enjoy something I like “.


We have been seduced by the hight quality photos on Madame de Rosa blog, but it is a surprise to know who is the people behind the camera. “The truth is that muy husband and my friends make the photos! The secret is to find a nice place and create a llok. Besides, my friends  and my husband do it with love and you can see it in the images” .

Dress by Blanca Carlón, Sendra boots customized by Madame de Rosa and Balenciaga handbag.

Ibiza, my love

For the last moths, we have seen Madame de Rosa enjoying her maternity leave on the island (recently gave birth to a beautiful baby). She has a second home on the island, where she lived a real love store. “I have been coming to Ibiza for ten or eleven years, since I started dating my husband. I am also in love with the island!  We have done the shooting for Teté by Odette in ses Salines … all the pictures there are amazing, with these amazing sand dunes and blue waters… But I also love the little charming villages. Ibiza is very green and has incredible field sites, but many people do not know it. Recently I was in Sant Miquel, I love the old town around the church. Anyway, Ibiza has a very special light … sometimes we just take pictures in any field next to the road and they look pretty “.

Wedding in Kumharas

“I got married in ibiza, in Kumharas. I used to live in France and I loved Kumharas music, I was always listening their CDs. When I first saw Kumharas I loved it. You can breath the freedom there, do not mind who are and what are you wearing…everybody is welcomed. They never had a wedding there before …but we took the risk and it was wonderful! Our wedding was something special for everybody”.

Angela wearing her bridal dress with some friends.

Kumharas, decorated for the wedding.


Of course, we were talking with Angela about her favourite adresses for shopping in Ibiza. “Well, the market of Las Dalias is the top 1 on the list! Also in the city center you can find a lot of charming little shops. What I love most about fashion in Ibiza is that you can find a lot of high quality hippy style stuff. Many clothes and complements look like jewels! But since I discovered Tete  there is no world apart from her. Before that was a big fan of Antik Batik… all very hippy style deluxe”.

Finally, we asked Madame de Rosa to reveal her favorite places on the island:

A beach: I love Salinas, especially the area of Sa Trinxa … my favorite is the carved stone cove.

A restaurant: El Rincon del Puerto really. Very good value-quality, I like to go there.

Having a drink: I usually don’t go out by  night, but if I have to choose … I would take a melon mojito on the terrace of Tirapallá!

I love Ibiza because…its atmosphere, the freedom that you can breath in every corner.

See below the looks we love, chosen from the blog

Charo Ruiz dress, on sale in Ad Libitum Ibiza, here. 

Zara dress, Zaitegui necklace and Asos sandals.

Emonk Ibiza necklaces, available in our online store, here

Dress Asos, bag Balenciaga.

Poncho Histeric Ibiza, edges Zara, shorts Levis vintage.

Sandals and handbag by Flor de Vida, las Dalias.

Dress from las Dalias, belt Teté by Odette, bag Balenciaga.

Bikini Amelia Botero, bracelets and rings by Azizeh.

by Judit Carcasona and Julia Fioravanti