Linda Ibiza: leather art

Gobetrotter, creative, charismatic, bohemian … she is Linda Ibiza, the designer who came from the cold and settled into our warm island.  Born in Sweden, Linda spent 12 years traveling around the world, until she found her true home in Ibiza. Here she started a family and now lives in a country house in Sant Mateu, with her partner and their twin daughters.Today Ibiza Trendy interviews one of the best artisans in Ibiza. A precocious talent developed after 12 years traveling the world and creating purely amazing craftsmen designs.

How did your passion for fashion and design? My mother was always working with her sewing machine and I loved it . It was something that happened naturally , I was happy to play with the sewing machine and make my own stuff .

Do you remember  your first design? Yes,  at the age of 12 I asked myself: Why do not I make my own clothes? For me it was such a revolution. I made some pants , I still remember them, but now I would not wear them now! At the age of 14 I started buying very cheap Charity Shop clothes , leather jackets … and started working with them. My friends liked my designs, so a couple of years later I started to sell them. It’s funny , because I used to work a lot with leather and zippers , as I do now … in some ways I think I am back to my roots. Some year later on I studied in a Design School .

And then you started travelling around the world... Yes, at the age of 20 I decided to take three months to travel around Southeast Asia. Well, at the end were 12 years traveling around different countries. In the second year my brother was encouraged to come with me. We spent many months in places like Thailand , Indonesia , Nepal , India. We were also in Africa : Zimbabwe , Tanzania , Kenya … and then we came back  to Europe to sell in the Christmas markets. Some year ago we also owned a shop in Gotland,  a touristic island in Sweden .

In witch way these trips have contributed to your creations ? In Thailand I designed my first collection , very colorful clothes – and in Nepal I learned to hand knitting. I love these two countries and one of my favorite places is Kamandú where I used to do part of my collections. Although the best place in the world to live is Ibiza !

How did you come to our island ? I came for holidays and I was fascinated . In 2003 I decided to move here and two years later I was in the market of Las Dalias, where I’m actually selling my creations. Before Ibiza I was producing large amounts, now  I am looking for quality. Sewing a handbag can take an entire day of work. In a way , it is like going back to my roots .

You love Ibiza for…everything! Its natural beauty , the people of the island , its cosmopolitan atmosphere . Living here is in some way be traveling continuously…but without leaving your site !

Linda’s Ibiza

A beach : Benirras , is nearby and is very pretty.

A cafe: Mosset in Santa Gertrudis. I can relax there while children play in the park.

A restaurant : La Paloma .

Shopping in: Las Dalias hippie market

A sunset in : Cap des Falco .

Going out : I have little daughters and do not go out, but I like Atzaró.

In her work shop in Sant Mateu

A corner of the workshop, full of belts, handbags, earrings….

You can find Linda Ibiza designs in Las Dalias hippie market.

por Judit Carcasona y Julia Fioravanti