Autumm 2017 must haves

Vintage flowers, embroidery, checkered dreseses, fringed jeans, split desses, cowboy belts … today we feature some trends that have captivated and would love to wear again and again this new season. Are you ready for the new season? We are!

Vintage flower. We love everyday romanticism, and you? Blouse available here.

Cowboy belts. With large metal buckles, but always made of high quality leather of quality, so you can twist it. This one is just perfect, here.

Black & red. It is the winning combo of the season perfectly played in this asymmetric skirt Free Love, here. Military coat from featured image, here. 

Picture. Checkered flannel dresses are a must have. Warm and stylish on a daily basis with this oversize model, here.

Embroidery. This boho blouse in grey with embroidery flowers was love at first sight. Available here.

Split dresses. We love these long buttoned dresses. This one is available in several colors here.


by Judit Carcasona