Adlib brides rock Madrid

Four Adlib Ibiza fashion designers showed their new bridal collections yesterday evening at the Palacio Cibeles in Madrid.  The fashion show was part of the Pasarela Costura España, an event that is a leader in the world of bridal fashion. Ibizan designers Ibimoda, Tony Bonet, jewerly artist Elisa Pomar, Piluca Bayarri and Lluís Ferrer participated in this exclusive event. The famous Spanish models Sibi Montes and Elisabeth Reyes presented the designs.

See below some images from the fashion show, provided by the Consell de Eivissa.


Lluís Ferrer

Tony Bonet

Piluca Bayarri

by Judit Carcasona

Fashion show photos: Ugo Cámara.

Photocall photos: Valero Rioja