The Arabian Nights

Visiting Dario’s Bomé store in Sant Miquel is like entering into a story of “The Arabian Nights.” Silks, gold brocades, skirts billowing, cloth decorated with small mirrors … All you can find here are original designs made​ from materials purchased in India. “I have been traveling there since the seventies, so I feel India is my second home,” says Dario. Gender is always top quality and work is undertaken by the cooperative Self Employ the Women, created to preserve the ancient culture of embroidery and promote fair trade.

Dario Bomé working in his studio in Sant Miquel.

Prices vary greatly depending on the chosen materials and labor involved in its creation. The most exclusive piece you can find there is a silk coat embroidered in India, whose production can take months. It costs 750 euros. “This kind of works should be ordered from one year to another, they involve a lot of work, in some cases micro-embroidery, but the result is really worth for its quality,” says Dario.

Do not be scared with this prices, here you will find designs for every budget. There are also beautiful handmade leather handbags and belts. Dario creates them in a studio located next to the store. With all these wonders is not surprising that models like Naomi Campbell or designers like Valentino and Etro love this place.

by Judit Carcasona