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Ibiza was the destination chosen by MANGO to present its new Fall/Winter Collection to some of the most famous international bloggers i. Three intense days of fun, beach, fellowship and fashion. So was the trip to Ibiza of top bloggers Gala from, Chiara from, Andy from, Aimme from  and Jules from  Today, at, they explain their best experiences on the island.


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What was the purpose of your trip to Ibiza? MANGO is developing innovative actions involving recognized international bloggers. For this season, we wanted to offer a unique experience in Ibiza, combining the presentation of our new season collection with very special activities.  Bloggers have been explaining the experience via Tweeter and uploaded photos to Instagram, so everything has been portrayed and the action has become very popular. They all have lots of followers and fans on their social networking profiles.

What have you been doing on the island? Tell us your best experiences. We got there on  October the 8th. During three days we were staying at the rural hotel Es Cucons. The girls came from different parts of the world, from Los Angeles to Amsterdam, so first day we take a break and went to have dinner at KM5. The dinner passed with laughts and confidences, a perfect evening. The next day was when we actually started the activities. At 9 am we came into a 4×4 car that bring us to Cala Salada, to receive a master class in yoga by the sea. It was a perfect day and the girls recharged  batteries. In the afternoon we started the workshop about trends. The girls were introduced on key pieces of MANGO winter collection and could try on clothes and see every detail of the collection. After reviewing the trends, its was a workshop of DIY, we worked denim jackets with the help of aMANGO designer. They used all kind of trimmings, from studs to chains. Each of them put her personality into her pieces. At night, after the workshop, we went to dinner at Blue Marlin, then we were having dinner in the port and tasted a delicious fresh fish.

How do you see fashion atmosphere in Ibiza? Do you believe that the island has its own style? Ibiza fashion means freedom. When you are on the mood of the island, no matter what you do or where you are. No glitz. Soon the island style invades you: baggy dresses, lightweight fabrics and sarongs, a sense of freedom.

Best of Ibiza trip has been … the magnificent environment that has surrounded us.We have been comfortable in the hotel’ Es Cucons and energy that has been good every day with the girls and the MANGO team.

Finally, give us some fashion tips for Fall/Winter. We have the invasion of embellishments, from studs up stones. All items have a detail. And always wear a biker jacket. We have a wide variety for everyone. In addition, we recommend the American and patterned pants. They are perfect for a cool and trendy look


by Judit Carcasona and Julia Fioravanti