Life at the beach with Yangzom Ibiza

Feet on the sand, salty hair, sun-kissed skin…definitely life is better at the beach. It smells like summer in  Ibiza so today it’s time for introducing the the inspiring resort collection by Yangzom Ibiza. Colorful tunics, see-through sexy dresses, kimonos and cover ups that make your life at the beach. Yangzom is one of the best-selling collections at the Ibiza beach clubs and is very popular for the high quality of its embroidery and fabrics. Are you ready to invite the summer to come into your closet? You have the full collection at Trendy Ibiza online shop, here.

pom pom cover up in orange Ibiza Trendy

Collar conchas Ibiza Trendy shells necklace

Macrame cover up Ibiza Trendy yangzom

Bluson turquesa boho chic Yangzom Cala Carbo

White Ibiza romper embroidery 2

Bluson punto ingles Yanzgom Ibiza

See through dress Ibiza Yangzom boho chic

See through lace dress Yangzom Ibiza boho chic