The enchanted shop: La Marimorena

Coming into  La Marimorena is like entering into a tale, inhabited by fairies, deers and enchanted woods, a place where at any time you can feel like Little Red Riding Hood or Alice in Wonderland. This small shop next to Vara de Rey opened its doors about three years ago. We fell in love with creations that are childhood memories and take us to the world of dreams.

La Marimorena shop is a charming place.

La Marimorena owner, Beatriz Bellido, born in Granada, decided to open this shop “for outputting the creations of young designers,” she explains. “I had previously worked for other establishments, but there was no store in the island with this soul. One day,  walking down the street, I saw this place and I said to myself: why not opening my own shop?”. Today, La Marimorena displays creations of 30 designers of clothing, accessories and decor and also has its own online store,

Beatriz Bellido, designer and owner in La Marimorena.

Funny umbrella with colorful flower print.

All designs have a sweet and naive spirit and are the perfect gift for that special friend. The store is decorated with care, it is worth stopping to look at each corner and discovering their little treasures.

Boxes with prints inspired in childhood memories and vintage world.

All store has a lovely decor.

Winter clothing collection: lots of hearts, spots and funny prints.

Winter bestseller: sweaters with heart.

Green knit sweater with ties.

Pichi with spot print in blue.

New babies collection: all for little ones.

Must see:, were Beatriz talks about inspiration, talent, Ibiza and…of course, La Marimorena news.

Knit hats, scarfs and gloves, with croche flowers.

La Marimorena
Calle Vicente Cuervo, 8. Ibiza

by  Julia Fioravanti and Judit Carcasona