Adlib fashion show goes to Santa Eulària

Adlib Fashion show 2014 will be held this year on 7 June in Santa Eularia, in the new s’Alamera avenue, and will show the  collections of 12 fashion designers from Ibiza.  The conselour of Fashion and Industry, Vicente Roig, and the designers presented today the schedule of the 43 edition, that will feature  Beatrice San Francisco/BSF Men, Charo Ruiz, Dira Moda Ibiza, Isabel Castellar, Ivanna Mestres, Jannine Helbling, Morocha Ibiza, Piluca Bayarri, Tanit Jeans, Tony Bonet, Elisa Pomar and Escola d’Art. “The goal is to promote our fashion nationally and internationally. This year we have made an effort with the casting, which will feature renowned models,” said the conselour, adding that the event should also be “the great feastival of the Ibiza fashion. ”

The press conference at  Puig de Misa, Santa Eulària.

The day before, on 6 June, the Palacio de Congresos will host the Balearic Young Designers Contest. The winner will represent the islands in the national competition.

Some of the designers from Ibiza that will be at Adlib Fashion Show.

Ibiza brides fashion goes to Madrid

Meanwhile, the counselor also announced that five designers from Ibiza will participate in the first edition of the Costura España Fashion Show, to be held on 20 May at the Palacio de Cibeles, in Madrid. This event -promoted by several designers including Rubén Perlotti-has been created to promote fashion designed and manufactured in Spain. Charo Ruiz, Dira Fashion, Piluca Bayarri, Ibimoda, Toni Bonet and jewelry designer Elisa Pomar will have the privilege of presenting their wedding gowns in this catwalk.

The designers that will go to Costura España, with the counselor.

by Judit Carcasona