K de kose kose: Nomadic soul

Are you ready for Adlib Fashion Show 2014? Stay tuned on Saturday night, we will keep sharing the best photos via twitter and instagram. But first we want to introduce Ariadna Ferrer, an Ibizan designer debuting for the first time in the most famous Ibiza catwalk.

Ariadna began in the world of fashion sewing buttons with her mother, who was a seamstress. She studied at the School of Arts and Crafts in Ibiza and then went to Barcelona to study Fashion Design at the Llotja School. She has experience acting, dancing, as a choreographer and designing costumes for theater. After 16 years living in Barcelona and traveling around the world, she is back to Ibiza and introducing her own brand of handmade jewelry: k kose kose.

Ariadna needed  a job that would fit her nomadic life. Her accessories are handmade taking care of all details. She believes that when your are wearing a great accessory, the clothes are “just the complement”.

She use fabrics and mix them with natural materials, such as paper and wood. Traveling is her inspiration: she often visits shops in local markets and picks ups vintage treasures for her creations. The Mediterranean jewelry and especially the ‘Ibiza emprendada’ (typical antique jewels) have a big influence in her designs (in the featured image you can see a necklace inspired by Ibiza jewels).

See below more Ariadna’s designs:

Ariadna Ferrer