Jannine Helbling: Mediterranean inspiration

Jannine Helbling is one of the newest designers that will present her collection next Friday at Adlib Fashion Show. This young designer was born in Switzerland, but soon moved to Ibiza, where she has been living with her family in the Sant Antonio shore, by the sea. “I came when I was a baby, so I feel totally from Ibiza”,  she says . She studied Fashion Design at the Official School of Arts and Crafts of Ibiza and in 2009 introduced her own brand. Shortly after she started working for Charo Ruiz, maybe the most famous Ibiza Adlib designer. “It was a very good opportunity , so I left a little aside my own designs . Until now, when I have decided to focus on my own brand.” After completing her studies at the prestigious Saint Martins School in London , Jannine debuts this Friday in Santa Eulària featuring a collection inspired  by the Mediterranean and classical Greece. Today we interviewed a young talent of fashion.

What can you tell us about your designs? We see classy style, but also a more rock’n’roll collection.  I like to try different styles, I am feeling attracted by what’s new, the futuristic style, because I think that you have to take risks in fashion . Moreover, I have a classic line, draped dresses and tops inspired by ancient Greece and Mediterranean architecture. This is a collection of pure lines and also is very comfortable.

What kind of woman would love to wear your designs? My clothes are for the women who love to be feminine and elegant , but also want to feel comfortable and free in her clothes.

What can you tell us about the collection that we will see next Friday on the catwalk? It is inspired by my drapery line , but I have introduced see-through clothing, which are very trendy , and applications in leatherette with geometric shapes .

Nowadays the concept of Adlib Fashion has changed a lot … we even can see jeans on the catwalk! What do you think is the essence of Adlib in the XXI century ? I think that the idea is that you can wear anything, whenever you feel beautiful and free. Ibiza fashion is now very multicultural and cosmopolitan, here we meet people from different parts of the world , we have an open mind …. what I like about Ibiza is that you can wear what you want and feel comfortable with it . This is for me Adlib.

Where can we purchase your collection? At MOKKA Ibiza Trendy, Anima , Tanit Jeans Show Room , Queens of Joy and Omen (Santa Eulalia ) . Shop online: www.modajannine.es

 Jannine’s Ibiza

A beach : Cala Gracioneta , beautiful and very close to home.

A restaurant : Es Boldado, in the edge of the cliffs of  Es Vedra .

Shopping at : I like getting lost in the small shops of the port.

Best Sunset: From Hostal la Torre.

Having a drink: I don’t go out a lot by night, but I like to have some drinks at Golden Budha.

Special thanks to Hostal la Torre, were we took Jannine’s photo. 

by Judit Carcasona