Inspo: Burning Man

The Burning Man is the most alternative music and arts festival of the moment. In fact, it is much more than a festival. For a week, the Black Rock area in the Nevada desert (USA) becomes a country without a government and where money has no value. It is an experience that promotes life in community, respect for the environment and towards others and the exchange of goods or services.

Spectacular temporary sculptures, performances and music in the dust, the place and the clothes of the people are very futuristic so it looks like and scene from Blade Runner. The name of the fest is taken from the ritual consisting of burning a gigantic wooden sculpture.

Today in the post we feature some images of the Burning Man, held last week. In the main picture, a girl walks with a giant sculpture in the background. Photo by @ericzimages.


Coloured sequins and faux fur via @seymamelisam

White umbrellas via @thelazyceo

A giant jellyfish via @raffaellasaunal.

Cool outfit from @ashleysarahaas.

Boho chic girl via @sheecansee.

Color explosion. One of the giant sculptures, photographed by @jtportland.

Top model Alessandra Ambrosio (left) at the festival. Photo. @angel_ambrosio

Riding around temporary sculptures. Photo @victoriasecretfotos