Inspiration: Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot, one of the most stylish muses from the 60s and 70s, inspires today’s post. Hippie dresses, skirts, Adlib style, Navy t-shirts and a little rock’n’roll. With these looks the sexiest blonde from France conquered the world. The legendary actress-nowadays retreat dedicated to fight for animal rights- was a boho chic girl even before the term was invented.

Happy hippie. One of our favorite BB looks. Patchword hippy dress with floppy hat (featured image). We propose you this fringed dress by Holy Preppy , from Histeric Ibiza, and a lovely straw hat decorated by Lila Sunshine, from Queens of Joy store.

 Adlib. We love this picture of the actress wearing a white Adlib cotton dress. Very seventies. You need one next summer in Ibiza! Imitate her with this model pictured right, by Morocha Ibiza, and a Lila Sunshine hat, from Queens of Joy.

Mini. The suede skirt is a basic that never goes out of style. In the left image, by Getty Image, the actress during the filming of one of his films. You can find miniskirts and suede vests in our online store.

Rock’n’roll. The actress, riding a Harley, during a shooting for an ads campaign. Be rock’n roll with this outfit from ibizafashion. We love the black handbag with a skull!

Navy. A very young BB in the 50s, with an outfit that today is also fashionable: skinny jeans, flat shoes and Navy shirt. We propose to copy it with a sweater by Yerse, from T & C, skinnies from Gatzara and neon pink flat shoes from Oui C Moi. Cool!

White sunglasses. The model that is wearing the actress, by Courrèges,  was a must in the 60s and  the trend is back. The two sunnies in the picture  below are from Gatzara Ibiza.

Get the BB look

Did you know that France’s most famous blonde was brunette before she shot to fame? Wanna get the BB style? Sandra Tur, from Fanny& Co, reveals us how to get it: “It looks a long mane of hair with layers. This hairstyle is perfect for thick hair, full of body. Wanna be blonde? Then read Sandra’s advices: “always avoid dark eyebrows and very tan skin.”


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Histeric Ibiza
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Queens of Joy
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Gatzara Ibiza
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Morocha Ibiza

Fanny&Co. Peluquería.
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by Judit Carcasona and Julia Fioravanti