Ibiza and Formentera beat cancer

Ibiza and Formentera demonstrated great solidarity with cancer patients during the fashion show held last Sunday at the Palacio de Congresos de Santa Eulalia to raise funds for the Spanish Association Against Cancer. All the tickets for the charity raffle were sold and hundreds of people attended the fashion show. The event raised 6,000 euros, which will be used to care for the patients of the islands.

The event has been organized by model Laura Ferrer, in tribute to her mother, who died from the disease. On the catwalk, we saw the designs of some of the most famous Ibiza fashion designers: Luis Ferrer, Piluca Bayarri, Original T, Pepa Boned, Eva Cardona, Ella Novias and Charo Ruiz. All the designers, make up artists, protographers and models involved in the event worked for free.

One of the most exciting moments of the parade: the model Laura Ferrer with designer Charo Ruiz, who also beat cancer.

Laura Ferrer wearing a nice dress by Charo Ruiz.

Adlib summer collection by Pepa Bonett. Children were so cute!

Mothers and sons wearing the same dress, by Pepa Bonett.

Sexy outfit by Piluca Bayarri.

Minishort and top in white, by Piluca Bayarri.

Confortable and 100% Ibiza design for man by Luís Ferrer.

A sexy bridal by Luis Ferrer.

A bridal wearing a lovely design by Eva Cardona.

Ruffled skirt in this design by Ella Novia.

Sexy dress in blue by Original T.


by Judit Carcasona

Special thanks to Jess Rodríguez Ligero for the images published in this post.