Ibiza Easter 2013: shopping guide

Histeric Ibiza. Sassy, sophisticated and very cool. Fashion lovers will love this store. During summer season, you will see the trendiest people carrying bags with its famous logo. Here you will find fashion for men and women from brands such as Mangano, Holy Preppy and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, a new brand made in Ibiza. A must!

Ibiza Trendy chooses: golden jacket with fringe, Mangano: 509 euros. Shorts with sequined pockets, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: 129 euros. Camouflage jacket with rhinestone skulls in neon, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: 250 euros.

T & C. One of the best kept secrets of the island residents. This shop is located in the Eixample district of Ibiza, just 5 minutes from downtown Vara de Rey- They sold exclusively in Ibiza Yerse, the brand of the moment in Spain. Quality cotton, natural colors and bohemian designs in its new collection.

Ibiza Trendy chooses: Cotton trousers, 66.50 euros. White top , 20.50 euros. Sweater in pink 86.90 euros (photo on the left). Klein Blue bag, 55.90 euros.

Gatzara Ibiza. Find at this stores  the latest trends at affordable prices and some leading brands such us Tiffossi Jeans. Do not miss the spring dress collection, perfect for a working girl look. We also like T-shirts with skulls, feathers, stars and handbags in pastel colors. In the Eixample district of Ibiza, one of the favorite shopping areas by residents

Ibiza Trendy chooses: Dresses with birds and feathers print, perfect for a working girl look. 37.95 euros each. Emerald green handbag. 34.95 euros.

ibizafashion. A real rock’n’roll store: skulls, feathers, studded bags, customized shirts. Here you will find brands such as Amplified Clothing and Liebeskind at affordable prices. They also have their own brands, designed exclusively for this store: ibizafashion, Jesus was a hippie and Gianni Di. Located in the popular Calle d’Emmig, one of the most famous shopping areas on the island.

Ibiza Trendy chooses: T-shirt with Rolling Stones print, Amplified Clothing, 29 euros. Liebeskind bag, 98 euros.

Ibiza Republic. Do not miss the shop with the legendary star logo, located on the Port of Ibiza. T-shirts, sweaters and trousers made of high quality cotton for woman, man and child. This spring, fuchsia, coral and emerald green are the colors that you need in your wardrobe. Be sporty, and be cool with Ibiza Republic!

Ibiza Trendy chooses: Zachary Mens Sweater, 55.20 euros.  Sofia t-shirt in emerald green, 32 euros. Yellow child sweater, 47.20 euros. Out of Ibiza right now? You can also buy them online at www.ibizarepublic.com

La Sirena Ibiza. Find in the more popular Ibiza malls the coolest collection of brands such as Desigual, Pepe Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger and Guess, as well as trendy sportswear. Fashion for men, women and children. Discover your nearest store in Ibiza here: www.lasirenaibiza.com.

Trendy Ibiza chooses: Pink t-shirt, Pepe Jeans, 39.95 euros. Guess shorts, 79.95 euros. Neon pink Satchel bag, Pepe Jeans, 99 euros  (also available in green).

Queens of Joy. The boho girls will love this trendy store in Santa Eulalia. Find here the best brands from Ibiza:  Beatrice San Francisco, TomTom Ibiza, Tanit Jeans, FELT by Nathalie, Arizona Ibiza and Qtrenquen, among others. The secret Northen girls shopping adress.

Ibiza Trendy chooses:  Golden jeans by Tanit Jeans (179 euros) and top of FELT by Nathalie (189 euros). Knitted grey dress by Beatrice San Francisco, 109 euros.

Also not to be missed:

Las Dalias hippy market: Find here some of the most creative designers and artisans on the island: World Family Ibiza, Ibiza Linda, Black Mamba, Ibiza Boheme, Beatrice San Francisco and Ashalak, among others.

Fashion streets on the Port: Calles de la Creu y Montgrí: On the Port of Ibiza, discover in these streets hippy chic shops such as Ganesha, Ibz Code, La Boutik, 07800 Ibiza and Ibiza Bagus.


Histeric Ibiza

Vara de Rey 26
Bartomeu Vicente Ramon, 17. Ibiza.
facebook/Histeric Ibiza

Gatzara Ibiza
Calle Abad y La Sierra, 9-11. Calle Aragón 32. Calle Pedro de Portugal, 11. Ibiza.
facebook/ Gatzara Ibiza.

T&C Ibiza
Calle Abad i Lasierra. Ibiza. Ibiza.
facebook/T & C

La Sirena Ibiza
facebook/ La Sirena 

Calle d’Emmig, 30. Puerto de Ibiza.
facebook/ ibizafasion

Ibiza Republic
Calle de la Creu, 25. Puerto de Ibiza.

Queens of Joy
Calle Mariano Riquer. Santa Eulària.
Facebook/ Queens of Joy Fashion Ibiza

by Judit Carcasona