Ibiza Rocks Me by Ana Vide

When last summer we met Ana Vide, the most international model and actress born in Ibiza, we immediately loved her for her sympathy and sweetness…and were impressed by her endless legs! Ana Vide has worked for brands such as Gianfranco Ferré, Loewe, Louis Vuitton , La Perla or Pronovias , besides being an essential figure in Adlib Fashion Show and modeling for the most famous Ibiza brands: Charo Ruiz and World Family Ibiza. She has also acted in the movie ” Verliefd op Ibiza”, the film shot in Ibiza which was a blockbuster in the Netherlands in 2013, “The crimes of the All Saints Day”,  among other works. Some months ago she started a fashion blog, Ibiza rocks me. “Each of my works are a part of me and part of my career and my growth. I am lucky to have a work that I love”, says the actress. Today Ibiza Trendy interviewes Ana Vide and reveals the closet’s secrets of the girl of the moment in Ibiza.

Tell us Ana, what projects are you up now ?

I am preparing a new short film and I continue modeling, traveling , studying acting and looking for new projects. There is something very interesting I am involved in, but I still can talk about it.

Where do you feel more comfortable – modeling or acting?

I would say that acting in film and television. Being involved in a movie means to create emotions, create dreams. To escape reality, the power to transport you to another world and daydreaming . I also love theater for the energy of the moment. You cannot make mistakes there, but you can also feel the public and all the senses are very receptive.

Is it difficult for a girl from Ibiza to break into the world of advertising and interpretation ?

Yes, you need to leave the island. It is true that in summertime you can work on the island, there are many productions, photoshootings, advertising projects and fashion shows in Ibiza. For example, the film “Verliefd op Ibiza”, wich have been a blockbuster.  But the truth is that it is impossible to live here full time. It’s a shame because as I always say we have a privileged place in the world, with unic and magic landscapes .

Do you remember your first job? Feel like you confess the craziest story of your career?

My first job was a photoshooting in Ibiza. I have to tell you that age gives you a maturity, confidence and security that you do not have being a teenager. Work become comfortable with time and experience. But yes, I have many anecdotes, like hit the runway with a wedding gowns and  cannot walk because the tail,  or have my dress break down during the fashion show.

You studied Education at the University . Do you see yourself teaching someday ?

Currently it is not in my plans. I’m 100% focused on my acting career.

How did the idea for the blog came ?

I opened the blog as a supplement to my work as an actress and model. I do not intend to be a trendsetter, but I feel that blogging  is part of my job. I like it and if there are people who are inspired by my style…it is great!

How would you define your style ?

Eclectic. It depends on my mood and the place where I am . I like to feel comfortable.

Is there anything you would never wear ? And something that you never stop wearing?

I would never wear something only because it is trendy. As Coco Chanel said, “Fashion passes, style remains”. I am fascinated by leather jackets , shorts , mini dresses in summer …. and I love accessories, that always make the difference in a look.

Your favorite designers from Ibiza:

Mmmm….it is not easy for me to answer this question, hehe..I think there are very good designers in Ibiza, many of them succeeding internationally, such as Charo Ruiz, Beatrice San Francisco , Ruben Perlotti , Luís Ferrer , Toni Bonet, World Family Ibiza , Jewelry Pomar, and a long list that follows …

A dream to fulfill:

To continue working on what I like, make movies , television, theater . Having health , energy and strength to keep doing what I love.

Ana’s Ibiza

A beach : S’espalmador

A coffee at: Sa calma.

A restaurant : Es Boldado .

Sunset at : Cap de Falco in wintertime , Es Vedra in summer.

Shopping at: Histeric Ibiza, EGB , Mokka Trendy Ibiza .Having a drink at: Lío.

See belwow some of our fav outfits from the blog www.ibizarocksme.es.

Zara dress, Top Shop shoes El Corte Inglés hat.

Zara dress, leather jacket Le Temps des Cerises,  Zara bag Uterqüe boots.

Kaftán Belair, sunnies Ray Ban handbag from Mokka Ibiza Trendy, by Madame Fonfón.

Skirt Charo Ruiz, fringed jacket Mango y handbag World Family Ibiza.

Boho chic style in a shooting for World Family Ibiza.

Knitted dress by Beatrice San Francisco.

by Judit Carcasona