Ibiza Republic: a brand with star

A journey, an inspiration and a star that one day would be the brightness on the Ibiza sky. Today we feature famous brand Ibiza Republic, created by Bernadette Loriot. From the Riviera to Ibiza hippy markets, and from the island, to all over the world. So begins the story of the most famous Ibiza t-shirts: “It all started during a time when I was living and working in St. Tropez with my sister, who taught me the art of printing on T-shirts. We started creating our own brand”, Bernadette explains.

With this print in naïf style and inspired by the Mediterranean, birds and nature, Bernadette  and her created ther T-brand Plume, in St. Tropez.

On the Riviera, Bernadette knew the man that later became her husband, and they decided to move to Ibiza. Soon she was selling her products at the hippy markets and also opened a small shop in Calle de la Virgen. “I had my first order of 10,000 T-shirts from El Corte Inglés and I printed one by one in my studio, with the help of my husband,” she remembers. In 1994 the brand Ibiza Republic was born and opened the store in Calle de la Creu. “My idea was to create an identity that could become a recognized brand for everyone. I wanted something that reflected the freedom and love of nature that I found in this little island.”

Ibiza Republic: the name came up after a trip to the Dominican Republic. The iconic star is inspired by military aircraft of the United States and Russia. It was an idea inspired by a friend, who was passionate about aviation.

Here you will find a sport chic collection for men, women and children. Comfortable and appealing polo shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, pants and shorts made of hight quality cotton and soft textures.We love the new summer collection colors: coral, emerald green, orange, red…Essential in your wardrobe.



Ibiza Republic
Calle de la Creu, 25. Ibiza

by Julia Fioravanti and Judit Carcasona