Happy home

Fashion and home decor in one shop? Why not? This in the new trend in Ibiza. We have visited Happinez Ibiza, a store were can find all you need for a great fashion look and for your home. Dresses, bags, cushions imported directly from Holland, patchwork quilts for girl rooms, soaps to give a touch of scent in the closet or bathroom. Miro, owner, says that “here you can find things for your home at a great price.”

There are many things to see in Happinez…so let’s start with women fashion. Here we show you some clothes chosen by Menel, shop assistant.

Lined jacket with lace coral 69 euros.

Pastel vest 59 euros.

Straw baskets 43.95 euros

In this section there are also original bracelets, necklaces, key chains and bags to complete a very chic look chic this summer.

At home decor corner, we fell in love with children’s section: poufs with beautiful floral prints, silk cushions, colorful bags, funny soaps for the bath (featured picture). There are also candles and furniture for the living room.

A must: their sarongs, with 4 functions. “Can be used as beach sarong as a tablecloth for the table, to wear it over your bikini, or to cover your bed”,  Menel explains.

They also have a small selection of outdoor furniture, perfect for garden or terraces.

Happinez Ibiza
Sant Josep road, km 10. Sant Josep

by Julia Fioravanti