Happy birthday OUI C MOI Valencia!

OUI C MOI Valencia. All for twenty celebrated its first birthday last weekend with a big party in the Valencia store.  As you maybe  maybe know, the venue belong to two  young entrepreneurs from Ibiza who also own shops in Sant Antoni and Ibiza town. See below some photos of the event, which was a smash hit. Happy Thursday!

Sushi, caviar, cupcakes, great live music with Dj. Axel Crew y and famous spanish fashion bloggers attended the party, that was great.

See below some of the clothes that were introduced for the first time in Valencia during the party:

OUI C MOI Ibiza, C/Médico Antonio Serra, 1

OUI C MOI Sant Antoni, C/Ample.

OUI C MOI Valencia, C/ Colón, 7.

Online store: www.ouicmoiibiza.com

by Julia Fioravanti