Christmas Gift Guide: Romantic girls

Sheer dresses to enjoying a dinner by candlelight, pastel colors for a sweet look, lace, naif complements that lean us to childhood, hearts and lots of love. Today our ‘Christmas Gift Guide’ is pure romance. Sweet ideas for romantic girls, choosen from our favorite Ibiza stores.

Inspiration: Taylor Swift. Ladylike dresses, billowing skirts , pastel colors … With her sweet appearance, actress and country singer Taylor Swift shows its perfect romantic style. Photo:

Lots of love. Decorative wooden balls in a heart shape. 6.50 euros. Octopus shop. Santa Eulària.

Eco bath. Natural soaps from Ambiance des Alpes heart shaped, available in different flavors. 4 euros. Octopus shop. Santa Eulària.

Tea time. Porcelain teapots in pastel colours with matching mugs. From 12 euros. Almacenes Aragón.

The trunk of memories. Trunks with bird and flower print in shades of violet. From 20 to 55 euros. Almacenes Aragón.

Candles light. Candles decorated with jewelery. 28 euros. Öink Ibiza.

Luxury bath. Warm and high quality cotton bathrobe. 135 euros. Öink Ibiza.

Singing in the rain. Umbrella with vintage colorful prints. Rainy days will never be boring again. 45 euros. La Marimorena.

Romantic Lace. Little black dress with lace detail at the neckline. 44.95 euros. La Marimorena.

Naif. Handmade necklace, exclusive design. 49 euros. The Marimorena.

Romantic bag. Baroque floral pattern, combined with leather, from Uno Piu Uno. 99,75 euros. T & C. Ibiza.

Oversize. Necklace from Uno Piu Uno. 30 euros. T & C Ibiza.

Warm. Long gloves with studs. 20 euros. C MOI OUI.

Sweet. Chiffon dress in pale rose color. 20 euros. MOI OUI C


Almacenes Aragón
Aragón street, 6. Ibiza.

La Marimorena
Vicente Cuervo street, 8. Ibiza

Octopus shop
Sant Llorenç street. Santa Eulària des Riu. facebook/ Octopus Shop Ibiza

Öink Ibiza
Vara de Rey.  Ibiza.

Médico Antoni Serra street, 1. Ibiza.
Calle del Progreso, 10. San Antonio.  facebook/ Oui C Moi

T&C Ibiza
Abad i Lasierra street. Ibiza. facebook/T & C

by Julia Fioravanti and Judit Carcasona