Christmas Gift Guide: eco girls

Nature lovers, eco fighters, socially conscious. With no additives. So are the eco girls. Today or ‘Christmas Gift Gide’ comes green: lamps loaded with sunlight, fair trade cushions, hand-carved wooden boxes, recycled plastic bullets and even a romantic escape to a farmhouse where you will be allowed to work in the garden and feed the animals.

Inspiration: Gisele Bundchen. Brazilian top model is Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme. Her Ipanema sandals collection raises funds for the protection of the Amazon.

Pure wool. Hat and gloves set in pink, by Diesel. 48 euros. T & C.

Recycled. Microfiber purses with fun prints, made of recycled plastic. 20 euros. Öink Ibiza.

Natural cosmetics. Argan Oil and peeling, by Sidi Yassini, 100% natural. 18 and 20 euros. Öink Ibiza.

Made in Ibiza. Natural silky oils rich in vitamins, for a soft skin. 32 euros. Campos de Ibiza.

Exotic. Indian agate bracelet with  bead pendant (lead free). Virgensita no me lleves. 30 euros, shipping included. Only available on-line here. 

Patchwork. Painting made of recycled fabrics. 131 euros. Almacenes Aragón.

Craftwork. Boxes made of hand carved wood. 28 euros. Almacenes Aragón.

Sunlight. Sunlamp by Blachere. 16 euros. Octopus Shop. Santa Eulalia

Fair trade. Handmade cushions by Nkuku. 59.75 euros. Shop Octopus. Santa Eulalia.

Freshly brewed coffee. Organic Coffee, works without electricity. Your expresso as delicious as the best coffe shop. 90 euros. Shop Octopus. Santa Eulalia.

Colorists. Purses made with recycled fabric patchwork. 16 euros. The Marimorena.

Hand dyed. Scarves dyed with herbs and flowers of Ibiza. Felt by Nathalie. 199 euros. Queens of Joy. Santa Eulalia.

Vintage. Lila Sunshine felt hats, customized with old objects and recycled fabrics. 169 euros. Queens of Joy. Santa Eulalia.

Life in the countryside. At charming rural hotel sa Vinya d’en Palerm you will feel like a real farmer. You can work in the garden, pick and eat fruits from the trees and help feed the animals. One night stay during low season: 140 euros.


Almacenes Aragón
Calle Aragón, 6. Ibiza.

La Marimorena
Calle Vicente Cuervo, 8. Ibiza

Octopus shop
Calle Sant Llorenç. Santa Eulària des Riu. facebook/ Octopus Shop Ibiza

Öink Ibiza
Vara de Rey,   Ibiza.

T&C Ibiza
Calle Abad i Lasierra. Ibiza. facebook/T & C

Queens of Joy
Calle Mariano Riquer, Santa Eulària. facebook/ Queens of Joy Fashion Ibiza

Campos de Ibiza.
Calle Arquebisbe Cardona Riera, 8. Ibiza.

by Julia Fioravanti and Judit Carcasona